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EA Sports Investigating Madden NFL 15 Online Game Save Problems

by Matt Bertz on Aug 27, 2014 at 10:46 AM

Are your head-to-head games not saving in your Madden NFL 15 connected franchise mode? You're not alone. After reports surfaced of this worrisome bug, EA Sports has responded to confirm it's aware of the issue and is troubleshooting the fix.

"We're aware that some users’ wins/losses aren’t being recorded for online CFM H2H games and are working to fix it as soon as possible, said Madden senior game designer Josh Looman via Twitter. "We’ll provide you with updates as soon as we have them. Thanks for your patience."

While head-to-head results aren't saving, we haven't experienced any problems playing against the CPU. You may want to confine your play experiences to these match-ups or explore other modes until the issue is resolved.

Our Take
For the sake of the many fans currently on their Maddenoliday, we hope the fix comes soon. If the problem ends up being server side, it could be a quick turnaround. However, if the issue's origin is within some part of the base game, fans may have to wait for a patch to be issued. That could stretch the wait for a fix significantly. Given the fire EA faced with the myriad Battlefield 4 online problems, we're guessing EA would prefer to avoid that long of a timeline.