[Update] Sony Condemns PlayStation Home To Closure In Japan

by Mike Futter on Aug 22, 2014 at 01:18 PM

Update: Fear not Home-dwellers in Europe and North America. Your virtual avatar and domicile are safe., according to Sony.

"PS Home will only terminate in Japan and Asian regions/countries," a PlayStation representative told us via email. "PS Home in SCEA and SCEE operates independently, so this announcement does not apply to the service in those territories."

Original Story:

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced the imminent closure of the PlayStation Home service in Asian territories. The service, which entered beta testing in 2008, will be sunset in March 2015. No items will be sold after September 24, 2014.

PlayStation Home was Sony’s attempt to recreate the success of Second Life on the PlayStation 3. The service is free, but cosmetic items for avatars and housing are provided at a cost. 

Regions within Home are modeled after PlayStation games, including Sully’s Bar for Uncharted, the LittleBigPlanet Playground, and the Abstergo Lab from Assassin’s Creed. These include themed decor and minigames.

Sony has used Home as a broadcast location for its press conferences and special events. We’ve inquired with the publisher to see if there are plans to sunset the service in Europe and North America.

[Source: SCEJ via Kotaku]


Our Take
I visited Home a couple of times in its early days and I never understood the appeal. I imagine there are some that will mourn its passing, but for me, it’s just a passing oddity.