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pax 2014

The Behemoth's Next Game Starts With A Space Bear Apocalypse

by Mike Futter on Aug 20, 2014 at 07:57 AM

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The Behemoth, the wacky studio behind Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, and Battleblock Theatre, is finally ready to discuss its next game. Today we get our first look at the title currently in development under the code name “Game 4.”

In the trailer, we see a space bear crashing down to a planet. That event precipitates a calamity (or, possibly, more than one). The comically sinister voice speaking seems to be one of the few that delight in the chaos.

The images, which are scrawled similar to a cave painting in The Behemoth’s unique art style, show killer snowmen, morose cupcakes, a cyclops with a club, and more twisted creations. There is also the prominence of hexes, which leads us to wonder if the title might have some strategy elements.

We’ll know more when we play it at PAX next weekend. For now, help us decipher the trailer. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.