Buy Azure Striker Gunvolt, Get 8-Bit Minigame Mighty Gunvolt Free

by Mike Futter on Aug 20, 2014 at 08:59 AM

Inti Creates is getting ready to release its side-scrolling action game Azure Striker Gunvolt in just over a week. Today, the developer announced that those who purchase the 3DS title in the first three months will get a bonus minigame featuring Keiji Inafune’s Beck from Mighty No. 9.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is the result of a partnership between Mega Man creator Inafune and Inti Creates, which handled development of Mega Man 9 and 10. This latest announcement blends the classic style of Mega Man, Inafune’s latest project, and Inti Creates heritage in 8-bit design.  

Mighty Gunvolt is a five-level, 8-bit demake that stars Gunvolt, Beck, and a Ekoro from a previous Inti Creates title, Gun Gal. When customers purchase Azure Striker Gunvolt, they’ll receive a notice to download the free minigame.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is out on August 29 for $14.99 on 3DS.


Our Take
This is a nifty little throwback to the 8-bit era from a team of people who know the style well. I’m eager to check out both Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt to see just how faithful these are to the genre.