Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Is Out Now On iOS

by Joe Juba on Aug 14, 2014 at 11:51 AM

As promised, Phoenix Wright and company have returned to the courtroom with the rerelease of Dual Destinies on iOS. Even better: The first episode is free.

Dual Destinies follows Phoenix, Apollo, Athena, and other colorful characters from the bizarre Ace Attorney universe as they unravel murders. One happens at a school. Another is at a rocket launch site. If you want to get to those cases, however, you need to buy them; only the first case is free, while the others cost $4.99 each. Alternatively, you can buy the whole package for $14.99.  

If that sounds interesting, be sure to read our review of the 3DS version. Apart from the sharper graphics on iOS, both iterations are pretty much the same.