gamescom 2014

Strange Facts From Hideo Kojima's Gamescom Q&A

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 13, 2014 at 09:39 AM

Following the Gamescom Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain demo, Kojima answered fan questions offering some insight to his creative process.

When asked what game he would be interested in remaking from the library of his own games, he chose Metal Gear Solid. Before answering, however, Kojima was quick to say he doesn't like remaking games or looking to the past, but if he could just serve as a producer and have his team remake a game, he would go with Metal Gear Solid. If he were ever to remake it, he said he would approach it similarly to the recent Planet of the Apes films, which retain the good parts of the originals, but change other aspects drastically.

Kojima also said if he could be any character from any movie, he would want to be Mad Max, specifically Mad Max from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. He also joked that he wished he could make a Mad Max game, and that someone should let him.

When asked how he winds down after work and stays energized creatively, Kojima said he watches a movie every single night before bed. Because of his busy schedule, and staying up late to watch movies, he only sleeps about four hours a night. When asked if he falls asleep while watching movies, he said, no, but that he does fall asleep during meetings. Kojima also said that since he was at Gamescom, he had fallen behind on his movie watching rituals and would have to catch up when he got home by watching multiple movies every night.

Kojima considers himself lucky to be making video games, but says it can be a lonely profession. He said he interacts with his team all the time, and since he also often serves producing duties, he interacts with many more people, but said it could be lonely when people didn't understand the concepts he was trying to implement in his games.

Finally, Kojima shared his excitement about being in Cologne for Gamescom and was excited to eat more German food, but asked that fans not give him sausage because he wouldn't be able to get it through customs.

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