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Might & Magic Heroes VII Is A Pre-Sequel To The Two Most Recent Entries

by Mike Futter on Aug 13, 2014 at 12:30 PM

The Might & Magic Heroes story has become a bit complex in its last two entries, with events taking us back 400 years in the last outing. The just announced Might & Magic Heroes VII takes place after the events of the sixth entry, but still before those that occurred in Heroes of Might & Magic V.

Despite the convoluted chronology, fans of the turn-based strategy franchise will likely feel at home with the next entry. Many of the hallmark features are in place, including large overland and underground areas to explore, grid-based tactical battle, and a variety of fantastical creatures to command.

As we reported earlier, Might & Magic Heroes VII has six factions, two of which will be decided by community vote. The Haven holy empire, Academy of wizards, the nomadic Stronghold Orcs, and necromancers of the Necropolis are locks. The first vote for one of the remaining spots is between the Sylvan elves and the rune wielding warriors of Fortress.

There are three other possible factions that we know of: the demons of Inferno, the dark elves of Dungeon, and the naga of Sanctuary. Each faction has its own unit assortmen and unique abilities. As you might expect, most of that information will be coming later.

The story of Might & Magic Heroes VII is told in part through flashbacks. Duke Ivan has just taken the throne and is working to restore peace. He creates a council from six different factions, each of which will tell him stories of their own great champions. We're told that players will experience those stories through gameplay, which makes the voting for different factions quite meaningful.

To find out more about the voting process (underway now) and the "Shadow Council" promotion, check out our earlier coverage. Might & Magic Heroes VII will be out on PC in 2015.