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Kojima Talks About Silent Hills Reveal And How He Wants To Terrify You

by Kimberley Wallace on Aug 13, 2014 at 09:48 AM

At today's Metal Gear Solid V press conference, Hideo Kojima discussed P.T., the playable teaser that revealed he was working on a new Silent Hill game with filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro.

He said he wanted to be an industry first to do a reveal like this, and he intentionally made the last puzzle of P.T. extremely difficult. "I expected it to take a week to solve," Kojima said. "I was surprised it took less than one day."

Kojima mused that he underestimated his fans, but he calls his interactive teaser reveal, "a success." Kojima wanted people all over the world to unite through the internet and solve the puzzle with his big reward: the Silent Hills announcement. 

He wanted to make sure nobody had any idea that this was coming; therefore, he purposely dropped the graphical and gameplay quality so people would believe it came from an unknown studio. He did, however, hide a hint in the studio name: 7780s. The area of Japan's Shizuoka prefecture 7780 square kilometers, and one translation for the words "Silent Hill" in Japanese is Shizuoka. 

Kojima also discussed how most developers are afraid to make horror games too scary, as it could potentially alienate the audience by being too much for them to handle. He said he's ignoring that for Silent Hills. He said when they first wanted to make the game the goal was to make "you pee your pants." Now Kojima says they "are aiming for a game that will make you s--- your pants." 

If you still haven't seen the reveal, you can download P.T. from the PlayStation Store.