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EA And BioWare Announce Multiplayer-Only Shadow Realms For PC [Trailer Added]

by Mike Futter on Aug 13, 2014 at 06:46 AM

BioWare is moving in a slightly different direction with the title it's been teasing for a the past couple of weeks. Shadow Realms is a 4v1, online multiplayer game that pits heroes against a diabolic shadow lord.

The villain can place traps, possess monsters, and work to whittle the heroes down to nothing before a final confrontation. This is a departure for BioWare, which has traditionally focused on single-player, story driven narratives.Bioware Austin, the developer on the project, will be updating the narrative arch periodically, with new story content and variations on the realms players visit. The community will experience these together as time goes on.

EA hasn't yet discussed a monetization model for Shadow Realms, but we have some impressions live. Shadow Realms will be available in late 2015. Closed Alpha access is available for sign up on the official site.