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Valiant Hearts Beats Onto iOS Next Month

by Wayne Stainrook on Aug 12, 2014 at 08:24 AM

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If you missed Valiant Hearts: The Great War the first time around on new-gen consoles, fear not. Today, Ubisoft announced that it's WWI interactive fiction game is heading to iOS September 4.

To accommodate the transition to a touchscreen, Ubisoft Montepellier has included gesture-based controls and tappable icons for interacting with the environment, demonstrated in the trailer below. On the iOS version, players can also share the unlockable historical fact sheets to Facebook and Twitter, as well as share screenshots.

For more on Valiant Hearts, read our review and watch this developer diary trailer to learn about Ubisoft's collaboration with Apocalypse World War I.

Our Take
Valiant Hearts was a refreshing take on representing war in video games in both tone and aesthetics, so moving it to iOS to reach a wider audience is a great move. Even if we felt the "game-y" parts of it weren't the most engaging, the touch controls only serve to make this compelling history lesson all the more accessible.