Report: Destiny Ghost Edition In Limited Supply

by Ben Reeves on Aug 06, 2014 at 11:32 AM

Publishers often create limited editions for the games, but then when the title comes out you often find copies of that "Limited Edition" on store shelves. That probably won't be the case for Destiny's special Ghost Edition.

Last month, Bungie detailed the contents of Destiny Ghost Edition, which includes a Ghost replica. If you'd still like to still pre-order Bungie's new shooter, it sounds like retailers are still taking pre-orders for Destiny's regular and limited editions. However, users on Reddit have started to claim that the Ghost Edition is in such limited supply that Best Buy has started cancelling pre-orders for that edition.


[Source: VG247]

Our Take
This sounds really unfortunate for those who pre-ordered the Destiny Ghost Edition. Hopefully, this is just a mix up with Best Buy, and those who actually put money down for that release will get the game in the end.