Secret Of Mana Hitting Android This Fall, iOS Version Discounted

by Dimitri Gedevanishvili on Aug 04, 2014 at 12:03 PM

Square Enix's classic JRPG is coming to Android. In addition, iOS users looking to purchase the game will be pleased to hear that this news brings a discount for the port.

Until August 10, you can pick up Secret of Mana for $3.99 on iOS, a decent five dollar discount. No specific word yet for the Android version, but Square Enix has announced a fall release window.

We at Game Informer hold a certain reverence to the revolutionary SNES title. Be sure to read about the excellent music in the game as well as why we think it deserves to be considered one of the best RPG games ever made.

[Source: Siliconera via Destructoid]


Our Take
I remember playing Secret of Mana at my friends' house back when I was really young, so I don't remember much other than exploring the world and enjoying the sights and music. Given this iOS discount, it might be the perfect time to revisit the game and experience it with a new lens as an adult. Give the support I've heard throughout the years for the title, I see no reason why I wouldn't enjoy it.