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You Wish You Were This Good At Dishonored (Or Any Other Game)

by Mike Futter on Aug 01, 2014 at 07:21 AM

YouTube user Rabbit’s Respawn has a silky smooth voice, but you won’t hear him coming when he’s playing Dishonored. In a video posted in early July, the smooth assassin shows off how a serious Dishonored player handles his business.

Note, that this might not be the best solution for players going for “low chaos” (AKA the good ending), but it is darn slick. There’s no HUD and no crosshairs, but plenty of style.

It might seem a little late for a Dishonored video (it was released in 2012), but with the game available later this month as part of the Xbox Live Games with Gold offerings, now seems a perfectly appropriate time. Also, who doesn’t love the abilities that game offers.