This Week In Mobile: Pharoahs, Kings, And Cows

by Harry Mackin on Aug 01, 2014 at 08:35 AM

There's something for everyone this week. Whether you're in the mood to try an old favorite in a new way, explore an exciting new mobile-only platformer, compete with your friends with a free strategy game, or guide your very own herd of cows across the stars using all the grand powers of the universe, we've got you covered... Wait, what?

The King of Fighters '98
Developer: SNK Playmore
Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $3.99

The famous The King of Fighters ’98 has appeared on a number of different consoles since its original arcade release (in 1998, of course), and now it’s headed to mobile platforms, as well. In addition to the complete KOF ’98 experience, this mobile port adds a number of new features, including the “Extra,” “Advanced,” and “training” modes, the “Iori” and “American Sports” teams, and the “Shingo Yabuki” and “Rugal Bernstein” edit characters, bringing the total character roster to 38. The fighting game also supports Bluetooth controllers and multiplayer, so controller play and local versus will both be available. King of Fighters ’98 is an iconic arcade fighting game, so it’s a must for mobile-fighting fans.

Developer: Beavl Games
Platforms: Android
Price: $0.99 (currently on sale) 

Kapsula is described as "a puzzle/ racer set in a Soviet space colony full of clones," and I'm not sure what to add to that. Kapsula is being developed by a small studio that is committed to adding post-release content and paying attention to its players' interests. In the racer/puzzler, players race along a track at high-speed, collecting "kapsules" and smashing them up to get points. The Android-only title already has quite a few cool little features in addition to its great art direction and fast-paced core gameplay, including a dynamic system that changes the game according to the time of day you play it. Kapsula is not currently available for iOS, but will be soon, and it's currently on sale for Android as an early-release promotion.    

Angels In The Sky
Developer: AimToG Co. Ltd.
Platforms: iOS
Price: $6.99

This touch-screen on-rails shooter uses the new Unreal Engine 4, resulting in some of the best graphics ever seen on a phone. Angels In The Sky is set in the future, where an alien race has arrived to suck the life force from planet Earth. It’s up to the player, as an elite spaceship pilot, to confront the aliens with their own technology. The air combat title features fast-paced shooting action, upgradable ships, and intense boss battles. Angels In The Sky is currently only compatible with iPhone 5s, but will be compatible with iPad version 1.01.

Empires Of Sand
Developer: Codigames
Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free

In this free tower defense/ strategy game, you become a pharaoh and go to war against the evil god Seth over control of Egypt. Base defense and assaults on Seth's forces occur simultaneously, with players sending out forces to overtake Seth's armies even while their own cities are attacked. Victory is attained by coordinating between attack and defense, paying careful attention to both and managing upgrades accordingly. There are four main game modes, including Empire Management, Campaign, City Defense, and full real-time online player-versus-player competition.      

Traps n' Gemstones
Developer: Donut Games
Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $2.99 (iOS, July only sale), $3.99 (Android)

Traps N' Gemstones is a Metroid-style adventure game developed by mobile game veterans Donut Games. Players control a freelance archeologist who looks suspiciously similar to Indiana Jones as he investigates how and why ancient artifacts have begun to disappear from hidden pyramids. During the investigation, the archeologist will run, jump, swim, ride in mine carts, dodge, fight, and, of course, evade traps and uncover treasure. The platformer features d-pad controls, free roaming exploration, and weapons and items to find and use throughout the temples, aiding in exploration and adding new gameplay elements as they are found. Traps n' Gemstones is currently on sale for the rest of July on iOS as part of a launch sale, so if you want to save a little, pick it up soon.

Developer: Elevator Games
Platforms: iOS
Price: $3.79

In Celleste, players take control of the powers of the protect a herd of cows that inhabit a small planet from all the forces that conspire to do them harm, including enemies, meteors, and all the other dangers floating around in space. As the cows are tirelessly defended, you'll gain a variety of power-ups and new abilities, like ice or meteors of your own, to help with your task. Celleste features swiping controls that allow for a full 3D view of each of the unlockable planet-levels. There are even different types of cows to choose from, so you can personalize your own herd of inter-galactic bovines.