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EA Enlists Hollywood Talent For Battlefield Hardline Single-Player Campaign

by Matt Bertz on Jul 27, 2014 at 09:46 AM

Battlefield Hardline may be delayed into 2015, but that's not stopping Visceral Games from sharing new details about the game. At a Comic-Con panel in San Diego, the studio shed light on the steps it's taking to make an impactful narrative, something the series has largely struggled with to date.

To aid in the efforts, EA has enlisted a deep roster of Hollywood help, including narrative consultant Wendy Calhoun (Justified), performance director Bill Johnson (West Wing), and actors Eugene Byrd (Bones), Kelly Hu (Nash Bridges), and Benito Martinez (Sons of Anarchy).

The story follows a cop who becomes a vigilante after being framed, kicked off the force, and sent to prison. Along the redemption tale, players will journey from inner cities to desert drug warehouses, confronting criminals and corrupt cops alike. For information about the panel and how creative director Ian Milham views the recent delay as a blessing, head over to Polygon.


Our Take
Hiring Hollywood talent always sounds good on paper, but their inclusion doesn't always equate to a good story. With Dead Space under its credits, Visceral certainly has better ground to stand on that DICE when it comes to single-player campaigns, but we're definitely in wait and see mode with this game.