Robocop Versus The Terminator Video Game Toys On The Way

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 23, 2014 at 06:33 AM

Now here's something we never thought we'd see: NECA Toys is creating an action figure lined based by the 1993 Super Nintendo and Genesis video game, Robocop Versus Terminator. The game itself is based on a 1992 Dark Horse comic book series written by Frank Miller and drawn by Walter Simonson, but for whatever reason, NECA decided to create the figures based off of the likenesses of the characters in the game opposed to the original source material.

The figures are divided into two assortments: The first containing The T-800 Terminator and an Endoskeleton, and the second offering two different variations of Robocop, a flame-thrower version, and an on-fire version. These figures stand in at 7" in height, and offer a unique paint deco that recreates the look of the game. Both assortments ship in October.

Head to NECA's galleries to view more images of these figures, and also be sure to check out NECA's Comic Con exclusive, an 8-bit Batman action figure.