Nvidia Doubles Down On Mobile Gaming With Shield Tablet

by Matt Bertz on Jul 22, 2014 at 09:32 AM

Last year Nvidia kicked off its mobile gaming initiative by introducing the Shield, a handheld gaming console sporting a flip-up display built right onto the controller. Little did we know this was just the opening salvo in the company's assault on established mobile gaming platforms.

Today Nvidia announced the Shield Tablet, a Tegra K1 powered Android device specialized for gamers that leverages the same Kepler technology found in many Nvidia video cards. When paired with the new shield wireless controller, players can stream their deep library of PC games in addition to the ever-growing Play marketplace. Gamers should also appreciate the 1900 x 1200 display, front-facing speaker array and 5MP camera for Twitch streaming. You could also plug the tablet into your TV for a big-screen gaming experience.

A 16GB, Wi-Fi enabled model of the Shield Tablet will cost you $299 when it launches on July 29. The controller will set you back an additional $59.99, and the cover that doubles as a kickstand costs $39.99. If you prefer to wait for more storage, a $399, 32GB model will launch in the future.


Our Take
No one can fault Nvidia for lack of effort; this is its second aggressive push into a territory currently controlled by Nintendo, Apple, and Google. The Shield Tablet's specialized configuration offers power and flexibility for Android users who want a more traditional gaming experience on the go. The price point is attractive, but will this type of setup appeal to PC gamers who could just buy a more powerful laptop and take it with them instead? That remains to be seen.