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Marty O’Donnell Settles Termination Suit With Bungie CEO For Over $95,000

by Mike Futter on Jul 22, 2014 at 04:20 AM

In April of this year, longtime Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell was let go from Bungie. At the time, the musician claimed that the firing was “without cause,” ending a 14 year tenure.

In June, O’Donnell (who was in closed arbitration with his former employer), filed suit against Bungie CEO Harold Ryan for unpaid time off. Today, the public aspect of O’Donnell’s legal action against his former boss has concluded.

Ryan and O’Donnell have settled for $95,019.13. This amounts to $38,385.50 (doubled, as per O’Donnell’s original suit), attorney’s fees of $16,449.39, and pre-judgment interest of $1,798.74. 

As this suit was between O’Donnell and Ryan as an individual, it does not necessarily end the conversations going on behind closed doors between Bungie and its former employee. As for O’Donnell’s last work with the company, you’ll be able to hear it in the Destiny beta (once it resumes tomorrow) and the full game on September 9.

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Our Take
I’m surprised this matter ended so quickly, but it’s better for both parties to move on. We won’t likely ever hear what comes out of the Bungie/O’Donnell arbitration (as those matters are private), but this chapter will likely be closed for good shortly.