Amazon Game Studios Reveals Exclusive Fire Phone Titles

by Wayne Stainrook on Jul 21, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Amazon is throwing its hat into the smartphone ring, and it's bringing exclusive games with it to entice consumers. Today, Amazon Game Studios announced Saber's Edge and To-Fu Fury will come to Amazon's Fire Phone, both of which implement the phone's Dynamic Perspective 3D effect.

Saber's Edge is a match-3 style puzzle game in which players clear gems to power their pirate characters' attacks in battle. By tilting one's head or the device itself, players can rotate the four-sided game board cube to connect more pieces and land combos on their enemies.

To-Fu Fury is a puzzle-platforming game that also uses the Dynamic Perspective feature to survey the stage. The player guides To-Fu, a tofu cube, through perilous mazes swarming with enemies by flicking his adhesive body onto the next safe surface.

Amazon's Fire Phone ships July 25. For more on Amazon and gaming, check out our take on Amazon Fire TV and what it offers for gaming.