Report: Microsoft To Gut European Xbox Operation

by Mike Futter on Jul 18, 2014 at 04:17 AM

Following yesterday’s Microsoft announcement signaling the start of 18,000 layoffs (including the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios), a report has emerged that the European Xbox operation is headed for significant staffing cuts. The operation, which is located in Reading, UK, is reported going to see reductions amounting to 75 percent of total staff.

According to MCV, the remaining 25 percent of positions will be filled through a re-application process. This means that even those whose positions aren’t affected will have to compete for them. 

Microsoft confirmed the cuts, though didn’t specify numbers. The layoffs will not impact the September launch of Xbox One in 13 more European countries. Microsoft owns studios in Europe, including Rare (Kinect Sports) and Lionhead (Fable).

[Source: MCV]


Our Take
It’s unfortunate that the company-wide cuts are impacting the Xbox division. Our thoughts are with those affected.