Power Rangers Studio Attempts To Cash In On Indie Game Chroma Squad

by Mike Futter on Jul 18, 2014 at 12:01 PM

You might recall an indie title called Chroma Squad we covered earlier this year. The title is based on the “sentai” style of science fiction, in which a team of costumed heroes pilot robot vehicles. It seems Saban, the studio that owns the Power Rangers franchise is leveling an ultimatum at Chroma Squad’s developer, Brazil’s Behold Studios.

According to a report on USGamer that sources a Behold Studios Kickstarter backer-only update, Saban approach Behold with a choice. The tiny, six-person studio could either allow Saban to partner (for part of the proceeds) or the two could duke it out in court.

Behold maintains that Chroma Squad, a strategy title that tasks players with acting out scenes and leveling up actors, is parody of a larger cultural phenomenon that Saban doesn’t own. However, it seems Behold is concerned about going to court and sees the situation as “win-win.”

The title will be out on Steam later this summer, and a new version will be distributed to backers in the coming days. For more, check out our preview.

[Source: USGamer]


Our Take
Saban is a privately held worldwide company, and its owner, Haim Saban, is worth upwards of $3.3 billion. It’s no wonder that Behold is terrified to go to court against the company (even if the law would ultimately be on the six-man team’s side).

They benefit is that official Power Rangers content could likely make its way into Chroma Squad. Provided backers get what they expect, Behold is able to make the game it wants (and is comfortable with the terms of the agreement it’s forced into), and Saban allows the project to flourish (possibly with new content), this could be a win. 

I suspect that Behold would win in court, but doing so might financially crush the small studio. Saban has the right (and the duty) to protect its intellectual property, and probably did Behold a favor by offering them a way to avoid a legal fight. Even if Behold were to win, it would lose.