Id Unveils Doom At QuakeCon

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 17, 2014 at 02:21 PM

Id is revealing the new Doom (titled simply Doom) game at QuakeCon tonight, and information is beginning to trickle in.

The first information we're received, in advance of the actual trailer at QuakeCon, come from GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley's Twitter account:

Tweet 1:

"Doom is an origin game. Fast paced combat. Set outside of UAC research facility on Mars being invaded be forces of evil."

Tweet 2:

"Today's Doom reveal is focused on showcasing combat. New cyber demon concept art shown."

Tweet 3:

"Melee combat is a big part of the new Doom."

Tweet 4:

"Doom is built on id tech 6, 1080p 60 fps. Single player demo today."

We'll have more impressions as the story develops.

[Note: id Software released no art assets or screenshots to the press at QuakeCon, the image above is an alleged leak of Doom 4]

Source: Twitter

Our Take:
Doom's hasn't been on top of the shooter genre for years, but this new game seems intriguing. Let's hope id can get it back on top.