Nintendo Goes All Digital With 2014 Elite Status Club Awards

by Mike Futter on Jul 16, 2014 at 05:00 AM

If you own a Nintendo console, Club Nintendo is something you should be aware of. By registering your console and game purchases, you can earn coins to spend on limited edition goodies, but they also have another purpose.

By racking up 300 coins between July 1 and June 30, you’ll earn Gold status for the year. Hitting the 600 mark boosts you to Platinum. 

At the end of each year, Nintendo offers loyalty rewards, which have included posters, soundtracks, and other physical and digital items in the past. This year, the company is sticking with digital offerings.

You can redeem your status for one of a number of games, some of which are exclusive to Platinum members.

Click to enlarge.

You can redeem your reward by heading over to Club Nintendo and logging in. If you’re Gold or Platinum, you’ll be prompted to select your free game.


Our Take
Nintendo’s loyalty offerings continue to put a smile on my face, and this year’s move is exceptionally smart. Going digital saves on production, packaging, and shipping in a time when every bit will help Nintendo right the financial ship.