Female Thor Possible In Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes

by Matthew Kato on Jul 16, 2014 at 04:59 AM

Marvel's recasting of Thor as a woman could have implications for related titles like Disney's upcoming Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.

The series' executive producer, John Vignocchi told us before the big Thor news was announced that costume swaps will be included in the game. While there has been no official confirmation of a female Thor in the game, his comments to us certainly indicate there is latitude to do so.

Meanwhile, Disney has officially announced Tinker Bell and Stitch as characters in the fall title's Toy Box mode (not the story-based Playset mode). Check out the unveiling trailer below.

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[Trailer Source: John Vignocchi on Twitter]


Our Take
I expect this to happen simply because selling different figures is the series' raison d'être and Marvel says she's the identity of Thor going forward. Until it inevitably changes later on, of course.