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Reader Discussion: Gender-Swapping Gaming Icons

by Joe Juba on Jul 15, 2014 at 01:40 PM

Today, Marvel Comics announced that the newest incarnation of Thor is a woman. This has stirred up some discussion in the comic world, but could it have implications in other media?  

Whether this is an earnest effort to create a more compelling female hero or just a publicity stunt, it also raises questions related to other forms of entertainment. Is this the kind of move that we might see in the video game world? Women are already under-represented as video game heroes; would it help to swap the gender of already-established icons? Could Kratos be a woman? Could Master Chief? 

What characters and franchises do you think could benefit from a similar approach? Are we too resistant to change to accept it? Would it just be a hollow gesture without more significant changes regarding the role of women in the industry? Sound off (in a respectful manner) in the comments section below.