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Art of Bioshock Video Splices Concept Art And Gameplay

by Wayne Stainrook on Jul 14, 2014 at 12:15 PM

Coming in at number two on our End of an Era series' top 25 Xbox 360 games, BioShock still stands as a benchmark for compelling setting design in video games seven years later. To highlight the underwater utopia-turned-dystopia of Rapture and some of its inhabitants, Youtuber Olivier Leclair brings us his latest video, "The Art of Bioshock," interspersing concept art and game footage for locales and characters.

The video takes us through areas such as Neptune's Bounty and Fort Frolic, showing us some concept designs for thespian Sander Cohen. We also get a glimpse of scrapped character designs, too, including a big daddy with squid tentacles on his back and balding little sisters, likely a symptom of exposure to plasmids.

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