Destiny Beta Codes Allow You To Bring Two Friends Into The Fight

by Mike Futter on Jul 11, 2014 at 03:04 PM

Chances are, if you want to play in the Destiny beta, you’ll be able to. Even if you don’t fancy the idea of pre-ordering for a guaranteed code, chances are you know someone who has (or will). That person might be worth cozying up to.

This morning, reports surfaced that the Destiny beta registration site was notifying users that they’d be able to fill out their fireteam (a maximum of three players) thanks to two bonus codes that will be dropped when the beta begins. We confirmed this with an Activision representative today.

We expect that you’ll see codes dropped all over social media from Activision, Bungie, major outlets, and even random strangers who find themselves with more codes than friends. So, if you missed the alpha and aren’t sure Destiny is a game you want to play, you’ll probably have a chance to find out starting July 17.

The beta kicks off on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, but Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will be able to jump in on July 23. The beta will end on July 27. For more on Destiny, check out the recently announced collector’s editions. You can also check out an extensive Test Chamber from the alpha.

Destiny is out on September 9 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

[Source: Dual Shockers]


Our Take
Activision and Bungie are smart to make this beta as open as possible. Both are betting big on the game’s success. Thankfully, I saw a large number of people won over by the alpha. Counting on the beta to woo even more is a smart move.