Report: All Signs Point To Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 4 Director’s Cut

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 09, 2014 at 06:13 AM

The Internet is buzzing with evidence suggesting that Sony will be releasing a PS4 director’s cut of Quantic Dream’s divisive Beyond: Two Souls.

The first evidence was spotted by IGN, which saw listings for PS4 version of Beyond on two German game retail sites, Alcom and World of Games. The listings have since been removed.

Then, a poster named “dragonbane” on the NeoGAF forums posted some pictures from an online portfolio of a programmer, which show a schematic of Beyond controller inputs for the DualShock 4. He also posted some concept art and comments from the programmer regarding a new PS3 version of beyond.

Sony has not officially commented on these reports.

[Sources: IGN, NeoGAF via Destructoid]


Our Take:
It seems pretty unlikely that two separate retail sites would post the exact same erroneous PlayStation 4 game. Throw in the credible-looking leaked images posted on NeoGAF, and I’m betting this report is true. I reviewed Beyond: Two Souls, and it's a game worth experiencing, even if I found it significantly flawed. I will say that the "director's cut" part of these rumors scares me a bit – the last thing this game needs to be is to have more of David Cage's already muddled narrative.