Shovel Knight Has A Lot Of Cheat Codes, But Only One Is About ‘Butts’

by Mike Futter on Jul 03, 2014 at 07:18 AM

Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games have gone all out in the name of nostalgia. Not only is the studio’s recently released title an homage to the 8-bit era, but it also includes one of that generation’s hallmarks: cheat codes.

Players have been digging up all sorts of codes, including those that award weapons, advance you further in the game, start you with bonus abilities, and affect non-gameplay elements like armor color. One, though, twists the dialogue in the most childish of ways.

The “Butt Mode” code (as it’s being referred to by the community) replaces words in the dialogue with the word “butt.” That’s all it does. It’s the text equivalent of big head mode (well, it would be, if those old codes triggered a big butt mode).

If you’re interested in cheating your way to victory in Shovel Knight, there is a full list of discovered codes available. For more, check out our glowing review.

[Source: Steam via CastleGeekSkull]


Our Take
I’m not sure what the butt deal about this butt is. It seems like a childish inclusion that doesn’t butt anything to the butt.