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Compare Journey Concept Art And Game Footage With This Video

by Wayne Stainrook on Jul 03, 2014 at 11:11 AM

As gamers, many of us fall in love with video games as finished products, sometimes forgoing the opportunity to investigate the creative process behind classic titles. A new video series, described by its creator as a "video format artbook," aims to seamlessly weave concept art and its extant in-game rendering in a digestible form of before-and-after storytelling.

In his “The Art Of” series, Olivier Leclair intersperses gameplay video with concept art of corresponding locales, characters and moments, juxtaposing the still and moving images for games like Journey. In this video, he shows how the artists captured the sense of scale of the desert and mountain in-game and on paper, and even shows us other potential designs for the robed figure.

Leclair also has a “The Art of Shadow of the Colossus” video on his Youtube channel, as well. For more on video game art, check out the newly released Okami prints available for purchase and our story on Bayonetta 2’s concept art.