Ubisoft Successfully Defends Against DRM Patent Infringement Suit

by Mike Futter on Jul 01, 2014 at 11:41 AM

Ubisoft has won a court victory over allegations of patent infringement. The suit, brought by Digital Reg, was focused on Ubisoft’s uPlay and content authentication and access.

The suit alleges that Ubisoft’s digital rights management and its uPlay service infringe upon a number of Digital Reg patents. Ubisoft was successful in its defense, and the court did not find an overlap in the existing patents and Ubisoft’s business operations.

The court cleared Ubisoft entirely, issuing summary judgment on a number of patents. Digital Reg also brought claims against Adobe and Symantec. Symantec was cleared via summary judgement. Adobe will have to go to trial provided there is no settlement.


Our Take
Ubisoft’s statement on the suit directly alleges that Digital Reg is a patent troll, seeking only to enforce unused patent holdings against successful companies. In this case, Digital Reg’s holdings have no bearing on the uPlay service or Ubisoft’s mechanism for enforcing DRM.