Rebellion Says More Than 7,050 Sniper Elite 3 Steam Codes Were Stolen

by Jeff Cork on Jun 30, 2014 at 04:44 AM

More than 7,000 Sniper Elite 3 players have been affected by an online theft that's resulted in the game's developer blocking the stolen Steam codes. Rebellion is encouraging players who purchased those compromised codes to seek replacements, and are offering free DLC for their trouble.

According to Rebellion, some of the game's download keys were stolen from a retail distributor, where they were then apparently resold to players. Neither Valve nor the retail distributor were paid during these transactions, which is why Rebellion contacted Steam and revoked the affected codes.

Rebellion is offering a free Target Hitler download to players who have been caught up in this situation. The DLC was originally only available to players who preordered the game. If you're among the affected, you'll need to follow instructions posted here by July 4 to take advantage of the offer.

[Source: Rebellion, via Kotaku]


Our Take
This hasn't been a great experience for players who just wanted to play the game. It's a good lesson that you should shop from reputable vendors online, and that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Rebellion's blog post has a list of their online sales partners, and shopping from one of those in the future could prevent further headaches.