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Reader Discussion: Do Important Sporting Events Draw You To Sports Games?

by Kimberley Wallace on Jun 30, 2014 at 01:15 PM

With the hockey and basketball playoffs now over and the World Cup in full swing, we wonder if you've been drawn back to the games that represent the sports.

I have a confession. Usually after a few months of intense play, I'll cool off on sports games. What always draws me back in? When a big sporting event takes place. After not touching NHL 14 since the winter, I loaded it up during the playoffs. More recently, I've found myself going back to FIFA 14 due to the World Cup. Something about the spirit of sports during the fight for the championship always makes me want to play these games again. What's most interesting is usually sports games are starting to dull by this time of year, with new iterations just a few months away; however, the excitement of these big events often lures players back. 

So have you found yourself with the itch to play a sports game during all the championship fights? Do you recreate the match-ups?

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