Razer Announces Android TV-Powered Micro-Console

by Mike Futter on Jun 25, 2014 at 07:48 AM

During Google’s I/O developer keynote today, Razer’s latest project was announced. The company, known for mice, headphones, keyboards, and ultra-thin laptops will be entering the Android micro-console market.

Android TV allows users to use their Android phones or newly announced wearables as remote controls to navigate television offerings. This includes streaming options, and voice search that brings up results including shows, cast, video clips, and more.

The new Android TV platform supports gaming, and Razer is entering the market at some point in the future, once the platform is widely available. There aren't any details yet, including information about specifications, control mechanisms, or other specifics. The company has committed to making the as yet unnamed device affordable, but a retail price will be coming later.


Our Take
I'm skeptical about micro-consoles, but I have had good experience with Razer devices. I'm curious to learn more, but until I have a sense of what kinds of content this will support, how much it costs, and if it interacts with other (non-Android devices, like a PC), I'm withholding my enthusiasm.