In Service Of Corporate Culture, Riot Will Pay New Employees To Leave

by Mike Futter on Jun 20, 2014 at 12:58 PM

Riot Games is known for its rigorous hiring process that focuses on corporate culture and knowledge of League of Legends. Despite a rigorous interview regimen, sometimes the fit isn’t quite as good as hoped. Riot is taking steps to make a transition out in those situations as painless as possible.

The company has started a new program called Queue Dodge that allows employees to take a paid exit within 60 days of their employment start. Those that take advantage of it will be paid up 10 percent of their salary up to $25,000.

Riot’s plan was piloted by internet retailer Zappos, which makes an exit offer at the end of the first week of training that’s good for the first four weeks of employment. Riot says it won’t force anyone out the door, but this provides an easy way for both parties to acknowledge hiring mismatches.

[Source: Riot Games]


Our Take
In a company that’s core product is about teamwork, it makes sense that cohesiveness is crucial. Hiring is expensive work. The process takes time from managers and new hires. Training is another huge investment. However, if someone isn’t going to be a good fit, it’s better to find out early before there is a disruption. 

Messy exits can be even more costly than a second round of interviews and training as they have immense potential to destroy morale and disrupt timelines. This plan sounds a bit absurd, but the logic is sound, especially for a company like Riot that has such a dominating corporate culture.