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Fez Developer Re-Emerges With Polytron Partners

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 14, 2014 at 06:27 AM

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Polytron has been busy porting Fez to other platforms, but otherwise it and its founder Phil Fish have been relatively quiet about the future. Recently, Fish wrote a post on the official Polytron website detailing Polytron Partners, which seeks to help bring other potential indie games to life.

The first game it plans to help is an interactive musical landscape anthology title called Panoramical. Polytron is helping with the game's production and promotion, while another company, Finji, is helping with the day to day operations related to developing a video game. Fish is quick to point out that though it may serve a somewhat similar role, Polytron Partners does not consider itself a publisher, but rather a partner.

In the post Fish writes, "We only got to make Fez in the first place because of the help and support of a LOT of cool people. Time to give back a little, you know?"

For more on Panoramical, you can check out the trailer below. After announcing Fez II at last year's E3, Fish announced its cancellation the following month.

[Source: Polytron]


Our Take
I am a big fan of Polytron, Fez, and Phil Fish, and was very disappointed to hear about Fez II's cancellation shortly after its announcement. I hope the studio and Phil Fish make another game someday, even if it isn't Fez II, but I am excited to see it is paying its success forward to other games.