e3 2014

Eve: Valkyrie Shows Off The Potential Virtual Reality

by Daniel Tack on Jun 12, 2014 at 07:07 AM

With virtual reality coming into the fold this year, Eve: Valkyrie leads the charge with an incredibly immersive, intense experience. I had a chance to pilot a round during this year's E3, and a play session of Eve: Valkyrie is something everyone should experience at least once. It's almost surreal as you step into the cockpit, get shot off into space, and shoot salvo after salvo of locked-on missiles at opposing pilots.

Speeding up and dodging space debris to shake off missiles and pilots, coming to a screeching halt to get the enemy in your sights, and just experiencing full range of vision in your virtual spaceship are things that defy explanation – they need to be experienced. The sensation of having full view of space as you lock missiles and combat other fighters is something that just can't be replicated without the technology. It's truly a whole new realm of space dogfighting. Eve: Valkyrie an awesome game that was once an after-hours pet project of a few devs, but today it's a great display of virtual reality's power and potential.