e3 2014

Landmark – Build, Battle, And Explore

by Daniel Tack on Jun 11, 2014 at 08:10 AM

Sony Online Entertainment’s Landmark continues the march toward launch. Currently in closed beta, the building-centric title offers players free reign to create and explore using many of the tools and features that will craft the world of EverQuest Next. At E3 2014, we had a chance to check out some of the new features that just arrived on servers – caves and treasure hunting. The title is already a haven for building lovers, it’s now implementing a slew of new features for other player types that enjoy different types of gameplay.

We took a look at the cave system, where players can delve underground to find minerals and treasures that can boost your player's abilities. Players can use crafted tools to help explore the cave network, allowing them to find secret cave areas that are not visible from the surface, and which will require some digging to get to. These caves will eventually house monsters and plenty of situations to take lethal fall damage, but right now they are free to explore without danger.

Looking to dig into the earth in search of danger and treasures? Perhaps hunt down monsters for materials? Craft weapons and armor? Landmark will be pushing these features out along with persistent player progression.

Players that don’t find building interesting will be able to roam the world as treasure-hunting monster slayers, hunting down rare loot and collecting valuable materials. They can then form relationships and trade with builders to provide them with specialized goods that can augment their designs and templates. The game’s zones will have different levels of danger and risk, with environmental hazards and lethal monsters lurking outside of the safe areas. Many of the most-anticipated features coming to Landmark are expected to hit sometime near the upcoming SOE Live event.