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e3 2014

Miis Entering The Super Smash Bros. Battle

by Jeff Cork on Jun 10, 2014 at 06:22 AM

At Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct, the company announced that it was bringing its popular Mii characters to Super Smash Bros. as playable characters. The avatars, which are known for their customization, have more than a few fighting tricks up their sleeves, too.

In addition to bringing their avatars over, players can choose from one of three different fighting styles for their Mii. The brawler is a rough-and-tumble melee-based fighter with powerful punches and kicks, who dons gloves and heavy boots. The swordfighter wears cuffed boots and uses a bladed weapon for quick slashing attacks. Finally, the gunner is equipped with an arm cannon that would make Samus (or Mega Man) envious and an overall high-tech look.

Nintendo wanted to make sure that the characters weren’t just animated ragdolls. They might not have the personalities of characters like Sonic or Bowser, but they do bring a large amount of flexibility to matches – Nintendo says they feature a wide variety of moves that players can draw from after selecting one of the three classes, providing further customization options. 

Sample Miis featured characters like Abe Lincoln, Elijah Wood, and Ice-T. Lincoln’s character popped in with a “Lincoln Swears In!” text, which offers a hint that players can even customize the wording that appears when their unique fighter joins the fray.

Look for Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS on October 3 and this holiday on the Wii U.