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e3 2014

Lady Palutena Joins The Super Smash Bros. Pantheon [Trailer Added]

by Jeff Cork on Jun 10, 2014 at 06:45 AM

Move over, Pit. Lady Palutena is coming to Super Smash Bros. to show what she’s capable of. Nintendo has announced that the character is joining the roster.

Palutena uses her staff and shield to battle foes, along with mystical attacks that attract and repel opponents. She appears to be a quick fighter, akin to Fox or Sheik. 

It’s far from confirmation, but the end of the character-reveal trailer featured Palutena speaking to Dark Pit. Could the character be coming, too? If so would he be more than an alternate costume?

Regardless, Kid Icarus fans have one more representative to pick from when they play Super Smash Bros. on October 3 for 3DS and this holiday season for the Wii U.