e3 2014

The Division Emerges From The Shadows [Trailer Added]

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jun 09, 2014 at 08:18 AM

Fans have been waiting patiently for a new look at Ubisoft's MMO shooter, The Division, and today's live gameplay demo at Microsoft's E3 press conference didn't disappoint.

Aside from announcing that the Xbox One version of The Division features exclusive timed content, the demo didn't showcase a ton of new details, but was still impressive nonetheless. The demo took place in Midtown Manhattan, on Christmas day. After pulling up a holographic map on the floor of the abandoned subway station, the squad of soldiers sets out down the tracks. At the next platform, the player activates another holographic display that shows a train and waiting passengers on the platform, 11 days before the attack. As they walk through station, they come across dozens of corpses on the floor in body bags, presumably from the attack that decimated the city.

As the players exit the subway, they jump behind cover; a band of enemies are patrolling the abandoned streets. The team chats about their planned attack and spreads out to flank their enemies, but as soon as the first shot rings out, everyone scrambles and chaos erupts. The ensuing firefight is full of environmental destructibility and high-tech gadgets, such as a hovering drone that flashes a strobe light to disorient an enemy behind cover. After the enemies are all taken care of, the squad heads into the base; one player mentions they should try to get medical online, suggesting that The Division might feature some kind of base-building elements.

The end of the demo confirmed that The Division is still planned for 2015. Expect a more detailed look at the game from the show floor later this week.