e3 2014

No Man’s Sky Coming To PlayStation 4 [Trailer Added]

by Matt Miller on Jun 09, 2014 at 04:06 PM

Today’s E3 press conference brought the news that No Man’s Sky will be playable on PlayStation 4 in addition to its formerly announced appearance on PC. 

A video demonstration of the game showed the player moving through a fantastical alien world filled with jungles and dinosaurs, only to jump into his or her ship and launch into space. The player’s ship joins up with other player ships and engages in combat through a spacefield littered with other ships and asteroids. Then the ship heads down onto another planet and flies through desert-like canyons. 

After the video, Hello Games’ Sean Murray took the stage to talk about his team’s upcoming game and its procedurally generated universe, and then closed out with a final glimpse of some more of the game’s surreal sci-fi visuals, helping to illustrate the tremendous breadth of environments players can expect to find in No Man’s Sky.