e3 2014

Galahad Faces Off Against A New Beast In The Order: 1886 [Trailer Added]

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jun 09, 2014 at 03:56 PM

During Sony's E3 press conference, Ready At Dawn showed off a new demo of The Order: 1886 that pit Galahad against a ferocious new enemy.

The demo starts with Galahad walking through what appears to be a darkened hospital; skeletons and anatomy models cast eerie shadows on the walls as Galahad shines his lantern around the environment. After looking through a window down into a blood-spattered operating theater, Galahad comes across a pale, emaciated human chewing on a corpse. The ghoulish foe looks like a zombie at first glance, but once it spots our protagonist, it starts transforming into a werewolf-like beast. The enemy towers over Galahad, who drops his light and pulls out a large pistol. The game then seamlessly shifts to gameplay, and a HUD appears with a gun icon and ammo count as Galahad starts running backwards and shooting at the pursuing enemy. A second later, the monster seizes Galahad and throws him through a window. Galahad drinks a mysterious vial around his neck via a QTE, picks up a rifle off the ground, and ducks behind a counter. The beast crashes into the room, sniffing the air for his prey. It stops and runs its claws through a puddle of Galahad's blood, locating the direction of our protagonist. Once again a HUD appears as Galahad stands up and empties an assault rifle clip into the beast before getting pounced on as the screen cuts to black. 

Like previous looks at The Order: 1886, Ready At Dawn's E3 demo featured impressive new-gen visuals and a seamless blend of cinematic cutscenes and gameplay. Expect more on The Order: 1886 later this week.