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Dance Central Goes Downloadable With Spotlight

by Matthew Kato on Jun 09, 2014 at 08:00 AM

Harmonix is readying a new Dance Central title utilizing the Kinect peripheral, but it stops just short of being the next full-fledged entry in the series.

Dance Central: Spotlight is a download-only title that starts out with 10 new songs, each with eight different dance routines: four encompassing different difficulty levels, two fitness routines, and two Choreographer's Choice routines. At launch, Harmonix hopes to have more than 50 songs available for download, and it also promises to get future content out in a timely fashion.

The game contains a separate Fitness mode where you can track your calories and set up an entire 10-90 minute playlist. For practice, you can even pause a song, work on a few steps, and then jump right back in to the song where you left off.

Harmonix says that it plans to release some old Dance Central songs, complete with the full set of eight routines, but if you've already purchased the song for one of the previous Xbox 360 Dance Centrals, you will not have to re-buy the song.

Dance Central: Spotlight is slated for this September via download only on the Xbox One.

Some of the songs include:

  • "Wake Me Up" -  Avicii

  • "Talk Dirty" -  Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz

  • "Show Me" -  Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown

  • "Counting Stars" -  OneRepublic

  • "Happy" - Pharrell Williams