Jimmy Fallon And Channing Tatum Take Project Morpheus For A Spin

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 07, 2014 at 07:23 AM

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and guest Channing Tatum spent some time with Sony's Project Morpheus.

We haven't seen much of Project Morpheus publicly yet, though that will likely change next week during E3. In the video Fallon, Tatum, and technology journalist Joshua Topolsky strap on the headsets and explore a small demo in a medieval setting. While Fallon flails on a dummy without mercy, Tatum uses a crossbow to fire off bolts at the excitable host.

You can skip to 1:47 below if you want to jump right to the video game stuff.


Our Take
Jimmy Fallon gets excited about everything (he loved the camera they showed beforehand), but he seems especially charmed about Project Morpheus. Tatum, too. I'm excited to hopefully try the device out next week.