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e3 2014

Capcom Bringing Dead Rising 3 PC, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS To E3

by Mike Futter on Jun 05, 2014 at 05:14 AM

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Capcom has confirmed its E3 lineup, which includes a number of titles oft-requested by the fan community. If you’ve got a PC, 3DS, or a mobile device, Capcom wants you to smile.

The publisher has announced that Dead Rising 3 will be coming to PC this summer. Additionally, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be making its way west via the 3DS eShop this winter.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be making its way to the west, also. A 3DS version will be playable at E3 in advance of its early 2015 release. There is no news on a Wii U version (yet), so we might not see a repeat of the cross-play featured in Monster Hunter 3 on those two systems.

Finally, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, a PSP title, will see release on iOS devices soon. With the worldwide popularity of Monster Hunter (and the growing usage of mobile devices for gaming, especially in the east, this makes a lot of sense).

We’ll have the full rundown from E3 in Los Angeles next week.