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Xbox One Devkits Get More GPU Power In Latest Update

by Mike Futter on Jun 04, 2014 at 06:35 AM

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Update: Microsoft has provided additional information about the new resources for developers. You can read more in a follow-up story.

Original Story:

Microsoft’s head of Xbox Phil Spencer has shared some news about what the latest Xbox One update means for developers. We brought up the possibility of enhanced power in a recent interview, but at that point Spencer wasn’t yet able to comment.

One of the common threads that has emerged during the early days of the new generation is that of graphical discrepancies between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This new update gives developers some more flexibility and could bring us closer (and hopefully achieve) visual parity between the two leading platforms.

Thanks to reader "WickedCommander" for the tip. 

[Source: Phil Spencer on Twitter]


Our Take
It’s only a matter of time before developers become fluent enough with both systems that visual parity becomes reality. This enhanced GPU bandwidth will hopefully accelerate this. It’s not yet clear if this is tied to Kinect unbundling and changes to platform requirements imposed on developers. If not, that would leave even more untapped potential in those shiny black boxes.