Skateboards, Bicycles, And Wall-Running Coming To Goat Simulator Next Month

by Kyle Hilliard on May 20, 2014 at 05:26 AM

Developer Coffee Stain Studios has revealed some details for Goat Simulator version 1.1, as well as a release date for its availability.

The DLC will be available on June 3, and alongside the previously revealed local multiplayer and new map, Coffee Stain Studios has revealed a number of other upcoming additions including goat wall-running, balancing on your front legs, the ability to ride bicycles and skateboards, and force humans to ride you, and new goats, including Tornado Goat, Shopping Goat, Classy Goat, Repulsive Goat, and others. Alongside those additions, new achievements have been added as well as some optimizations.

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[Source: Coffee Stain Studios on Facebook, via Eurogamer]