Activision, Potato-Chip Company Holding New Skylanders Promotion

by Jeff Cork on May 20, 2014 at 07:38 AM

Update: A few months ago, fans were given the chance to name the three Skylanders pictured above. Activision and the contest's co-sponsor selected the winners, and all three fit the characters quite well. The new water Skylander is named Flip Wreck, the death Skylander is Bat Spin, and the life Skylander is High Five, a name that you probably won't get until you see the number "five" on his helmet. The next round of voting selects which one of these Skylanders will make it into the game.

Original Story:

Activision is giving fans a chance to select one of three potential characters for the next Skylanders game, and give it a name, too. As part of the promotion, the winner will also receive a $100,000 scholarship.

If you're older than 18, visit the official site to enter between now and March 21. After registering with the site and selecting your character, you can then choose a name for it and also provide a bit of extra detail – in 200 characters or less.

Activision and the contest's co-sponsor will pick the winning entry for each character in May, and then the contest moves to the next phase. At that point, people 13 and older can vote for their favorite character, and the creator of the winning entry will score the $100,000 scholarship.


Our Take
Each of these characters looks like they'd be a great addition to the next game, but let's not fool ourselves here: The only choice is Flip Wreck, the pirate dolphin.