Titanfall Xbox Companion App Out Now

by Mike Futter on May 16, 2014 at 06:18 AM

Yesterday marked the release of Titanfall’s first map pack (read here to find out if it's worth a purchase). Today, Respawn and EA have released something new to help you track stats and stay aware on the battlefield.

The Titanfall Companion App will allow you to view your stats on the go, but it also serves as a mini-map when connected to your Xbox One. You can also apply filters to the maps and get information you can’t on your television.

We tested the app, and once you are in a game, the minimap will show the gamertags of your teammates and the positions of some enemies and Titans. The map can be locked to your character or scrolled. 

You can download it free for iOS and Android now, but be aware there is no support for Origin yet. This will only work with Xbox 360 and Xbox One right now. For more on Titanfall, check out our impressions of the Expedition map pack.

Update: Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions of the companion app are available now, too.


Our Take
I’m not a big fan of second-screen minimaps in shooters and found it a bit distracting to look at the one on my phone. However, this one has some other functions (like Titanfall lore and info on weaponry) that might appeal to fans.